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The Embassy of Ghana in The Hague hereby wishes to announce for the information of the general public that, the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Ghana, in conjunction with its Agencies and Trade Associations engaged in exports, is seeking a private entrepreneur/affiliate partner interested in establishing a Ghana Trade Centre in the Netherlands.

The Ghana Trade Centre will be a 100% private sole/joint enterprise that will operate on a model that integrates commercial representation with direct merchandising of goods and services from Ghana.  The Centre will continuously source for commercial buyers who will place bulk orders for Ghanaian exports and thus become the conduit for direct entry of Made-in-Ghana goods and services into the Netherlands.  It will consequently stock Ghanaian goods and engage in both merchandising and direct sales to the general public in the Netherlands.

By establishing permanent exhibitions of Made-in-Ghana goods at their premises backed by a web-based gallery of Ghanaian premium export products, the Ghana Trade Centre will also become the vehicle for promotion of Ghanaian export products in the Netherlands.

The coordinating entity will be the Ghana Trade Centres International Ltd, which will be based in Accra, Ghana and which will operate in association with a global network of similar private affiliate Ghana Trade Centres, to be located strategically in other countries with potential for importation and distribution of Made-in-Ghana goods.

The private entrepreneur/affiliate partner in the Netherlands will be responsible for all expenditures connected with the setting up and the operation of the Ghana Trade Centre and the associated promotion of Ghanaian goods, as well as market intelligence gathering and business contact promotion.

In return, the affiliate partner will retain all mark-ups or negotiated commission gained on Ghanaian goods sold, after repatriating the CIF/FOB value of the goods to the exporters in Ghana.

Government of Ghana, through the Ministry of Trade and Industry and its Agencies will provide some initial branding and promotional support leading to the successful launch of the affiliate Ghana Trade Centre in the Netherlands, and will facilitate their linkage to the global extranet, e-commerce platform and traceability systems of the Ghana Trade Portal and web-based Gallery, which is being established under the aegis of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

All persons interested (irrespective of nationality) in setting up and operating this Centre are hereby invited to apply to the Embassy of Ghana, the Hague, by 30th June, 2012.

Laan Copes van Cattenburch 70
2585 GD The Hague
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31(0)70 338 4384
Fax:  +31(0)70 306 2800
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Applicants must have good commercial distribution network with a proven track record.  They must also be in possession of, or able to acquire their own suitable premises and facilities, and also willing to operate as a Ghana Trade Centre on a self-sustained (commission) basis.  It is to be noted that, the Government of Ghana is not in a position to purchase or rent such premises or to pay for the operating costs of the Centre.

The Hague

3rd April, 2012