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Mission’s attention has been drawn to rumors circulating in the Ghanaian Community that one-time Ghanaian nationals that have acquired Dutch passports and residing in the Netherlands are required to submit invitation letters in addition to their visa application requirements.


2. The Embassy wishes to state emphatically that no such directive has been issued to that effect.

3. The Embassy continues to issue B2 Tourism entry visas to one-time Ghanaian nationals with Dutch passport who intend to visit Ghana for holidays and normal visit to families and friends.

4. Requirements for B2 entry visa remain the same and are as follows:

· Applicant must be legally resident in the Netherlands

· Applicant must submit a duly completed visa application form

· Applicant must submit four (4) passport photographs taken not more than three (3) months prior to the date of submission

· A print out of travel itinerary

· Applicant passport must have a validity of at least six (6) months

· Applicant must submit copies of relevant pages of passport.

5. Furthermore, The Embassy wishes to inform the general public that as from 18th February, 2013, the Parliament of Ghana approved an upward review of the Single entry Visa fees from €50 to €60.

6. For more information please visit the Embassy’s website at www.ghanaembassy.nl.

7. The Embassy will like to take this opportunity to reiterate its commitment to serving the interest of Mother Ghana, as well as our fellow compatriots living here in the Netherlands.

Consular Section

Ghana Embassy

16th April, 2013