Visa Appointment Advice For All Visa Applicants PDF Print E-mail

The Consular Section wishes to inform all visa applicants travelling to Ghana this summer to endeavour to make their applications and appointments as early as possible within two (2) months to their intended travel dates.

If the appointment slots are taken for the period you wish to travel, you may use the Emergency application procedure. This process attracts double the regular fee and will be processed in the same day of payment at the Section. Additional information about the process is available in the Visa Application Guide. Please do not visit the Consular Section without an online application, as you will not receive attention without an online application.

FOR EMERGENCY VISA, YOU NOT REQUIRE AN APPOINTMENT. YOU, HOWEVER, HAVE TO APPLY, SUBMIT ONLINE AND PRESENT YOUR PASSPORT AND PRINTED FORM ON ANY OF THE VISA DAYS. All other Visa regulations apply as usual. For people with special cases, kindly email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We wish you all a great summer and happy travels.


Consular Section

Embassy of the Republic of Ghana


The Hague