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Stichting was set up by Ghanaians & Dutch social workers in 1998. The District Council of Amsterdam Southeast, & City Council of Amsterdam are the main sponsors for Vice Versa. Other sources are through the implementation of projects and incidental activities. Funds, which are solicited from charity organizations and sponsors, have enabled Vice Versa to make significant progress in the fields of education and parental support for Ghanaians.

Assist the Ghanaian community with programs and support networks;
Play intermediair rol between the Ghanaian community and the (government) social welfare organisations;
Support, develop and evaluate strategies that encourage community participation in activities
Monitor, evaluate and recommend changes to community development programs, on health, education and child upbringing;
Help raise community and public awareness regarding issues such as welfare rights by
promoting, organising and/or helping to coordinate meetings and seminars

Board of Directors:

Mad. Janny v.d. Staaij
Mad. Charlotte Aboagye
Mad. Doris Vidda

Project Consultants:
Mr. I. Adu- Acheampong
Mr. Joseph Lamptey

Telephone: 06 –13 47 40 27
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website: www.stichtingviceversa.nl