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Stitching GAM (Ghana Agoro Mma)
F.D.Kahlenbergstraat 74
1087 LL Amsterdam

Stitching GAM is a film theatre group formed in March 2002 in Amsterdam.
Stichting GAM through its various programmes mostly through drama both on stage and in theatre has become a link within the Ghanaian community and their Dutch host in the Netherlands.  We have since inception been broadcasting our dramas and other programs on our local television (GAM TV) every Wednesday from 9pm to 10pm on Salto A2 in Amsterdam. Our programmes are targeted at promoting information dissemination within the Ghanaian community and providing enlightenment to the public, mostly Ghanaians.
GAM TV brings most of Ghanaian culture to the community such as Festivals, as the yearly KENTE FESTIVAL, etc. which is to help the economy of Ghana, and also shows and educate our children born here in the Nederland to learn more about where they come from, coverage of events from Ghana and programs of the Embassy.
The community love our programmes because of the various subjects which we cover and such projects include issues like HIV/Aids stigma, integration with Dutch society  and family upbringing of children, and problems we face here in the Nederland etc. We use drama to bring forth these messages in form of EDUCATION, INFORMATION, ENLIGHTENMENT, AND ENTERTAINMENT

Contact Details
Veronica van de Kamp (Executive Director)
Tel:  +31(0)206634338
Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website: www.sgam.nl