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Gabriel Metsustraat 136
2525 XV Den Haag
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Hofgeest 193

1102 EJ Amsterdam

Tel: 020-6956769

RECOGIN The Representative Council of Ghanaian Organizations in the Netherlands (RECOGIN) is an umbrella organization embracing about 36 Ghanaian Self-Organizations and churches. Recogin was registered with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce and inaugurated in 1993. It has since continued to develop the democratic instruments to strengthen its structure. Recogin owns the Ghanaian Community Foundation Netherlands (SGGN), which is the administrative arm of the Recogin Council. The District Council of Amsterdam South-East is one of the sources of funding for Recogin. Other sources are through the implementation of projects and incidental activities. Funds, which are solicited from charity organizations and sponsors, have enabled Recogin to make significant progress in the fields of empowerment, capacity building, representation and network forming with relevant sub-groups. Recogin Associations also contribute to some special projects plan for the Ghanaian community and some of its vision to help the development of Ghana.

Associations Associations that are affiliated to Recogin operate independently and get support from Recogin whenever the need arises. Recogin organizes periodical workshops, symposia and conferences, to inform the general population of Ghanaians in the Netherlands through the associations and through the various committees of Recogin. These activities inform and educate Ghanaians about significant developments in the Netherlands and also to discuss issues related to migrants in the Netherlands. Our activities are not only geared towards the members of the associations affiliated to us, but also to all Ghanaians in the country. Any Ghanaian who attends Recogin Council meetings can participate in the discussion going on. Resourceful Ghanaians are also invited to lend their expertise to any of the committees needing their inputs.

Empowerment and Capacity building The activities of Recogin have expanded over the years and new developments in our organization have brought about many changes in our activities. Recogin carries out activities in the field of ICT and Dutch language training (Oudkomers Plan), social and economic issues, sports, media and counselling for vulnerable groups or individuals. Recogin has desk officers who see to the needs of the individual affected in various ways in the country.

Youth Recogin sees itself as a champion of getting Ghanaians to educate, train and create sustainable job opportunities in the Netherlands.

Through the Recogin Youth group, Recogin is supporting the mobilization, stimulation and capacity building for all the Ghanaian youth in selected fields to emancipate the youth in sustainable activities that benefits them. hrough the Recogin Youth group, Recogin is supporting the mobilization, stimulation and capacity building for all the Ghanaian youth in selected fields to emancipate the youth in sustainable activities that benefits them.

Migration and Development In recent years Recogin has embarked on several initiatives that address the issues inherent in the migration and development policies affecting Ghanaians and Ghana.

• Using the associations to establish regional Platforms in all the regions of Ghana for developmental needs of our communities back home. • Using the associations to discuss, plan and implement some small-scale projects in their communities back home. • Entrepreneurship within the community in the Netherlands. • Investments and business development for Ghanaians and our Dutch counterparts. • Plans for developing coherent plans to support sustainable return to Ghana of those who wish to do so through Netherlands Migration Institute – NMI and International Organization of Migration-IOM. • Recogin is already in the process of initiating a process related to circular Migration and all its related fields. • Setting up Trust fund – Ghanaian Diaspora Solidarity Fund for development through the mechanism of remittances. • Initiative to set up the Ghana business and investment centre in Amsterdam – Ghana Chamber of Commerce.

To achieve some of the visions above, Recogin works closely with the Ghana embassy in The Hague and relevant Netherlands institutions and NGOs. Recogin on its own relates to relevant Ghana Government Ministries and institutions to achieve all these plans for the future development of our people and country.

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Postbus 12389
1100 AJ Amsterdam
AFAPAC is a non-governmental and a non-profit community based foundation. It came into being in 1993 to serve the particular needs of the increasing population of African from South of the Sahara region, now living in the Netherlands. The Foundation lays particular emphasis on the promotion of preventive activities related to HIV/AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases.
AFAPAC was established within the framework of the Dutch National Aids Prevention and Control Policy as it affects the migrant population in the Netherlands.
The objectives of the Foundation are as follows:
-          to initiate effective educational programmes for HIV/AIDS and other STDs and disseminate them among the African Community irrespective of their residence status.
-          To make available to the target population culturally-sensitive health promotion programmes.
-          To advise, guide and support HIV/AIDS patients and their dependents within the African Community.
-          To provide Pre- and Post-Test Counseling, that is ethnocentric to Africans and which takes into account the cultural and ethnic differences of the clients.
-          To be a support and contact point for the existing HIV/AIDS network throughout the Netherlands. This means promoting the cultural sensitivity of AIDS education in the Netherlands.
Contact Details
Dr. K.A.Adanse- Pipim
Tel: +31 (0)20 600 3454
Fax: +31(0)20 600 6269
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website: www.afapac.nl
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