Council of Ghanaian Organisations in the Netherlands (COGHAN) Print

The Council of Ghanaian organisations in The Netherlands (CoGhaN) is registered at the Amsterdam chamber of commerce as a foundation with registration number 34357334 and recognised by the Embassy of the Republic of Ghana, The Hague, as a unifying organ or platform for all people of Ghanaian descent in The Netherlands.

The membership of the CoGhaN is open to all registered Ghanaian bodies (be it welfare, social or religious inclined) in The Netherlands.

Against the background of the overriding need to forge a common front for Ghanaians in the Netherlands, and with facilitation by the Embassy of the Republic of Ghana, The Hague, the objectives of CoGhaN are oriented, among others, towards the following;

a) Fostering unity, harmony, understanding, and cooperation among the various member bodies.

b) Serving as the sole recognised body and unified voice of the entire member bodies.

c) Providing an effective, dynamic, and responsible forum for addressing issues of common concern to the member bodies and persons of Ghanaian descent in The Netherlands.

d) Fostering, promoting, projecting the good name, reputation, and interests, at all times, of member bodies and persons of Ghanaian descent in the Netherlands and Ghana.

e) Serving as a broad-based think-tank; taking a conscious and strategic approach to engage Dutch National Institutions in the formulation of effective policies that are beneficial to the Ghanaian community and to influence Dutch public opinion on issues regarding ethnic minorities with particular reference to people of Ghanaian descent.

f) Promoting the integration into the Dutch society of persons of Ghanaian descent by identifying areas of needed motivation and support towards their efforts to integrate.


Contact Details:
Isaac Adu Acheampong. (Chairman)
Joe Lamptey (Secretary)
Steve Osei Owusu (Treasurer).
Doris Vidda (Executive Member)
Yaw Bempah (Executive Member)

Kruitberg 5033B
1104 CA Amsterdam
P. O. Box 23713
1100 EE Amsterdam.
Tel: 020-6908280.
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it