61st Independence Celebration

On the 9th of March, the Embassy of Ghana, hosted Ghana’s 61st Independence anniversary celebrations at Marriot Hotel in The Hague. Invited were members of the diplomatic core and members of the Ghanaian diaspora. The theme of the celebration was “Ghana beyond Aid”.

The celebration was graced by Her Excellency Ms. Sophia Horner-Sam, Ghana’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands and representatives from other embassies. The Ambassador and her staff were dressed in colourful traditional Ghanaian Kente cloth and other Ghanaian prints. The celebrations were attended by representatives of the various Ghanaian community leaders and groups.

Her Excellency, the Head of Mission along with senior staff at the Ghanaian Embassy, lined up to welcome the guests to the celebration. The national anthems of Ghana and The Netherlands were sang.

The celebrations was followed by a brief address by the Ambassador, on behalf of the President of Ghana, His Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo. In the address, Her Excellency Ms. Sophia Horner-Sam, praised the longstanding Ghanaian-Dutch partnership. She noted that she will do her best to grow and foster this partnership during her tenure in office.

She reiterated Ghana’s goal to build a prosperous nation through trade and efficient use of its own resources to realize a “Ghana beyond aid”.  For this vision to materialize, Ghana government hopes to deepen the economic ties between the Netherlands and Ghana by creating favorable business climate for businesses in the respective countries.

A shared partnership for the future, with key areas focused on the private sector and agriculture. Moreover, she insisted on a   partnership that will lead to investment in infrastructure, creation of employment opportunities, capacity building and security.

The Ambassador ended on the note that Ghana will stay committed to partner with the Netherlands on a very promising path towards inclusive growth and prosperity. The ambassador also recognized Ghana’s prominent and proactive role in fighting corruption and providing peaceful, transparent and accountable governance.

The celebrations ended with colorful exhibition of Ghanaian culture, food and tradition. The invited guests were treated to delicious traditional delicacies and cuisines from all over Ghana. Ghana’s anthem was performed in addition to a display of traditional dance and music.

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