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Visa Applications

Visa Application Guide

All Visa applications must be completed online and appointments made for interview. Print out the application forms, sign and submit at the Consular Section together with original documents for inspection on the interview date. Also print out the an appointment slip which is available after a successful submission of application. Payments can either be done online with a visa card or at the counter of the Embassy by PIN only.

Submission of visa applications and interviews are conducted at the Consular Section of the

Embassy on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10.00 hours to 13.00 hours.

Processing of applications take three (3) working days for regular applications and same day for Emergency visas. You will be issued with a collection slip after your interview stating the date and time for collection of visas.

Emergency Visa applicants must submit their applications online and select Emergency option prior to visiting the Embassy on the VISA DAYS for submission of original documents. An

Emergency Visa attracts double the normal fee.

Families can make one appointment for all members of the family and one person designated to submit their passports together with printed forms, and make payments on behalf of the rest of the family.

Please note that an error on your application which will result in an error in issuing of a visa will invalidate the visa. You will be required to re-apply and pay the full charges for handling of a new application. In such circumstances, applicants, who notice that they have made errors on their applications, must notify the Consular section via email of the error, before or after filling out a new application. Failure to do so may result in an error in issuing of a visa, for which the cost will be charged to the applicant.

Applicants who cannot attend interviews must cancel their appointments. Visas issued, must be used within three months from the date of issue. Applicants are advised to plan their trips accordingly.

Non-Dutch Passport holders are required to submit an extract of a valid residence permit (not older than 6 months) from their municipal population registry (Uittreksel uit het gemeentelijke basisadministratie persoonsgegevens; GBA).

Additional Information for Specific Visas

Diplomatic/International Organization (Official) Visas: All applicants must submit Note Verbales from their respective Organizations and Embassies in the Netherlands, stating among other things, the purpose of the visit and a Note or Letter from the applicant’s contacts in Ghana if possible.

Business Visas: Applicant’s are required to submit, an Introduction Letter from the applicant’s organization in the Netherlands stating, among other things, reasons for the visit and a Supporting/Invitation Letter from the applicant’s Business Associates in Ghana. Please use their Names and business addresses of Business Associates as your References in Ghana.

Visitors/Tourist Visas: Applicants are required to provide Names and Residential addresses of two (2) References in Ghana, one of which may be the Hotel where the applicant will be lodging.

Study Visas: Applicants must support their applications with a Letter from their Institutions in the Netherlands stating the purpose of the visit and financial means whilst in Ghana. A Letter of Acceptance or Introduction from the institution in Ghana is also required. For reference purposes, applicants should use the Name and address of the institution in Ghana as their reference.

Volunteer Visa: Applicants in this category are required to submit an invitation letter from the organization in Ghana, stating the reasons for the visit and a Supporting letter from the applicant’s organization in the Netherlands.

Employment Visas: Applicants are required to submit and upload, in addition to their application, an Employment Contract and a proof of Grant of Employment Quota in Ghana. This can be obtained from your potential employer in Ghana. The Embassy does not provide these documents.

For further information please contact the Consular Section:


Tel: +31(0)703384384 (between 1.30pm and 3pm)

Fax: +31(0)703384386

Visa Application Requirements
  • Applicants should be legally resident in the Netherlands
  • Applicants should submit a duly completed visa application form online, upload supporting documents and copy of bio-data page of passport in pdf format, upload a passport-sized photograph (NOT more than 1MB) taken not more than three (3) months prior to the date of submission.
  • A printout or actual printed copy of the appointment letter generated after the online submission.
  • Originals of supporting documents for inspection.
  • A copy of a return ticket or print out of travel itinerary for inspection.
  • In cases of Journalists and/or film crew, who are covering an event or shooting a film in Ghana, additional requirements are needed, which may include but not limited to, a list of filming equipment, location of filming, information about the filming project. The Consular Section will request entry from the Information Services Department (ISD) on behalf of such applicants. After entry permission has been granted, applicants may finally submit their passport for issuance of visas after completing an online Application. Media personnel whose permits are not routed through the Consular Section will be asked to restart the process. Media Personnel can email and request for a copy of media forms or pick up the forms at the Consular Section to fill to apply for their permits. More information is provided below.
  • An international certificate of vaccination for Yellow Fever.
  • Applicant’s passport must have validity of at least six(6) months prior to their application.