Ghana Embassy visit to Omnivent

On Thursday 29th of March 2018, the embassy of Ghana in the person of Deputy Ambassador Doris Brese on behalf of the Ambassador, paid a working visit to Dutch storage technology company, Omnivent. The purpose of these visits is to understand the barriers these companies may be facing with regards to Doing Business in Ghana and to provide support in order to improve the ease of doing business.

Omnivent is the worldwide specialist in the development, manufacture and installation of modern ventilation and climate control technologies. As well, Omnivent supplies total storage solutions with tailored storage management systems, adapted to the specific situations of arable farmers and multinationals.

During the visit, the delegation was given a presentation of the current and future activities of the company including an overview of ongoing projects in Ghana. This followed a lively discussion about the challenges facing the Post-Harvest industry in Ghana (processing, storage, transportation) and the need for public-private partnerships to provide innovative solutions. Omnivent expressed willingness in supporting the Embassy to develop a knowledge base to tackle challenges facing the post-harvest industry. The company also expressed interest in participating in trade missions, trade fairs and research studies focused on the post-harvest industry. This intention aligns with the Government of Ghana’s vision to realize a “Ghana Beyond Aid” through foreign direct investment, local private sector development and diaspora engagement.

Following the discussions, the delegation was given a thorough tour of the Omnivent headquarters and its facilities. The visit marks only the beginning of the collaboration between the Ghana Embassy and companies such as Omnivent who see Ghana as a prime invest destination.