Consular Section


Are you a Ghanaian living in the Netherlands?

Registering with the Embassy of Ghana simply means providing basic information with the Embassy.

Note: Registration is confidential, free and will not be divulged to third parties. Why register your details with the embassy?

In order for the Embassy and for the Government of Ghana to engage effectively with its diaspora communities, it is imperative that we have accurate and up to date information on the population size, demographics, professional backgrounds and contact information of Ghanaians living abroad. The registration of Ghanaians is encouraged because it, among others;

  • Enables government to be aware of its citizens abroad and to factor the needs of the various diaspora communities it into its development agenda
  • Ensures easy identification and possible assistance to the Ghanaian
  • Expedites the process of the applications of travel documents, visas, passports.
  • Facilitates support in the case of of accidents, deaths or any other sort of emergency.
  • Registration of a business or organization is also possible via the registration page