Urgent Call for Data on Nurses and Midwifes in the Ghanaian Community

The Embassy of the Republic of Ghana in The Hague wishes to inform members of the Ghanaian Community that it is in the process of collating data on all Ghanaian nurses and midwives who are in the Netherlands in connection with the celebration of 2020 as the Year of the Nurse and Midwife as proposed by the 72nd World Health Assembly.

In this regard, the Embassy is calling on all Ghanaians in the categories of those born in the Netherlands to Ghanaian parents, those in Ghana and now reside in the Netherlands and those of Ghanaian descent to get in touch in connection with this exercise. Additionally, the Embassy would be interested in nurses and midwives specifying whether they are nursing and midwifery “associates” or “professionals” and where they received their training, whether in the Netherlands, in Ghana or both.

Please contact the Embassy by emailing to the following address or calling the Embassy phone lines:




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